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Paper straw winding machine with stainless steel frame China manufacturer

Specification: 1000-5000 USD/SET
Use Parts: 1 SET
CategoriesPaper straw making machine
MOQ1 piece
FeatureBiodegradable paper
Place of OriginWenzhou, China
Types of machineDrinking straw making machines


This paper straw making machine doesn’t need gluing part and drying part, available work with packing machine. This paper straw making machine included paper roll bracket, glue station (optional), winding & control system, multi-knife cutting system, conveyor and collector. Hongshuo paper straws making machines produce premium quality paper straws that are durable and will hold their shape for hours. Premium quality Kraft paper straws is a cool way to brighten up your drinking glasses, coffee mugs, and mason jars, and they come in many colors and attractive patterns. Our paper straws wholesale from China have both functional and aesthetic value: you can use them to drink your cocktails at parties, or high quality paper straws to decorate your Instagram posts of your newly concocted beverages. Industrial paper straw making equipment from our company always export to oversea marketing with good comment because of our high quality service.

About paper straw materials, we adopt biodegradable paper to make paper straws in bulk by our self-developed full automatic servo biodegradable paper straws making machine with PLC control system. At the same time, the buyers may purchase biodegradable straw paper from us with competitive price. At the same time we manufacture and provide quality drinking straw making machines as two types, such as paper straw making machines and plastic straw makers as well.



1) Winding different layers paper strip into paper tube without glue.

2) Multi-cutting knife system, by servo tracking, cut paper tube into small piece of paper drinking straws.

3) Material: food grade white craft paper.

4) White mineral oil: may need oil for lubrication and cooling.

5) Standard electric power: 380V/ 3phase/ 50Hz, could change by special requirement.

Main Advantages

1) Paper straws manufactured by this machine do not need to be dried. it can save production time at least 8 hours. Paper straws can be packed and send out immediately

2) The paper straws manufactured by this machine is durable, suitable for both cool and hot drink, and with 2 years without moldy.

3) Save space; the machine worktable was shortened from 10 meters to 6 meters.

4) The machine has the function of sterilization and disinfection.

5)  No glue paper straw making machine solves all kinds of troubles with glue.


 Paper Straw Winding Machine Specification

Paper Layer 3 layers
Inner diameter 4.5-12 mm
Straw thickness 0.3-2 mm
Number of blades 5
Cutting system Servo motor control
Speed 40 m/min.
Machine body Stainless steel plate
Paper roll bracket 3 layers
Glue unit 3 layers
Belt 5 pieces
Dimension 3,500*1,500*1,200 mm
Weight 1,400 kg
Power supply 380 V / 50 HZ
Working space 6,000*5,000 mm

Paper Straw Winding Machine Application


Paper Straw Winding Machine Samples


Q1. What diameter and length of the paper straw does the machine can make?

Our paper straw winding machine can make diameter 4.5-12mm of paper straws through changing mold. And length is adjustable.

Q2.What about the payment term?

T/T 30% deposit for confirm the order and 70% before delivery.

Q3. What is the packing way of the machine?

Stretch film packing with wooden pallet or wooden case as request.

Q4. what is your main product?

A: We are professional manufacturer for paper straw winding machine, paper bag making machine, hamburger box forming machine, paper plate machine etc.

Q5. Do you have quality certificate?

A:we have got the CE certificate for our machine and test report for paper straw paper. 

Q6. What's the delivery time?

A: Around 20~30 days, however, based on order.

Company introduction

We are professional paper straw winding machine manufacturer in China. Our company has our own factory. We provide the best paper straw winding machine, with competitive price and excellence performance that can minimize your project cost. If you look for paper straw winding machine supplier, we are a good choice. Contact us to get the price of paper straw winding machine, paper straw packing machine, paper for paper straw, slitting machine, etc.

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