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Each type of pump has different characteristics, the deeper the understanding, the more you can find the right way to buy and maintain, but also to reduce unnecessary losses. Paper pulp pumps are still widely used, but also summarized some of the specific characteristics of these products are what, if you want to buy this product, you can first understand the specific characteristics of the product, and then according to the needs of the purchase.

  First, the design is more reasonable. Compared with other traditional types of pumps, the design of the pulp pump is also relatively reasonable, and easy to disassemble, maintenance and cleaning are very convenient. The structure of the front and back door is also quite reasonable, and reduces a lot of maintenance troubles, you can directly carry out daily cleaning and disassembly. If there is a problem with the product, you can also directly find the manufacturer for after-sales, maintenance is more convenient.

  Second, the service life is longer. Registered manufacturers of various pumps factory bucket test reports, can meet national standards for the sale of pulp pumps are longer life, two to three times higher than the general pump.

  Third, more energy efficient. The current sale of paper pulp pumps are also more energy efficient, basically saving a quarter of the energy, and the efficiency has also improved. Long-term use will not appear rapid attrition, as long as the proper operation, proper maintenance can ensure its normal operation for a long time. It is recommended that you buy genuine products directly from reliable websites, so that you can also have a better after-sales service and ensure that your interests are not damaged.

  Pulp pump definition: two-phase flow pulp pump, using the two-phase flow theory of "relative suction, relative blockage" principle of the pump hydraulic design, so that the hydraulic performance of the pump overflow parts in line with the law of solid-liquid two-phase flow, thus reducing the pulp on the overflow parts of the scouring and wear, greatly improving the efficiency and service life of the pump.

  The pulp pump has the following remarkable features.

1, high efficiency, energy saving: the operating efficiency is 3-10 percentage points higher than the average pulp pump, energy saving and consumption reduction up to 15-30% 2, good cavitation performance, long life: the actual service life than the average pulp pump can be increased by 2-3 times;

3, high concentration, non-clogging: the concentration of transported pulp can reach 6%;

4, reasonable structure, easy maintenance: the pump head part adopts the front and back open door structure, no need to disassemble the pipeline when maintenance, only need to move the motor backward, you can disassemble and repair the pump.

  Pulp pump uses.

1, paper industry: used for conveying pulp with concentration below 6% and alkali recovery industrial process of medium circulation, lifting and pressurization;

2、Sugar industry: used for conveying syrup with concentration below 4% and viscosity below 150mm2/s;

3、Urban sewage industry: used for circulating conveying, lifting and pressurizing of medium in sewage treatment process.

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