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some safety knowledges about the paper tube machine

1.The paper tube machine is equipped with heavy-duty loading mechanism and thus poses certain danger

to the operators.Therefore, the operators shall keep themselves away from the danger area as far as

possible if no exceptional circumstance occurs. we know, the paper tube machine assemble one or many blades.Blade is sharp metal tool and adjustment of Blade shall be performed only after power is

switched off.

3. The protection cover of the Blade for the paper tube machine shall not be opened during equipment operation.

4. Splicing of paper and mending of holes shall also be performed after the paper tube machine is powered


5.the paper tube machine shall be reliably grounded.

6. Electric maintenance shall be performed by professional electricians.

7.last,The operators of the paper tube machine shall have basic knowledge about the safety warning signs of the equipment and shall

keep vigilant with the danger places on the equipment.

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