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Carefully and carefully during installation, pay attention to the installation operation in accordance with the instructions. 

   Installation construction carefully, do not hit the brittle materials made of solenoid valve. Before installation, the solenoid valve should be a check, check the specifications, identification of any damage, especially for the stem. Also turn a few times to see if it is skewed, because the transport process, easy to hit the crooked valve stem. Also remove the debris inside the valve.

China Double Flange Concentric Butterfly Valve

   Solenoid valve lifting, the rope should not be tied to the hand wheel or stem, so as not to damage these parts, should be tied to the flange. For the solenoid valve connected to the pipeline, be sure to clean up. Compressed air can be used to blow away iron oxide chips, mud and sand, welding slag and other debris. These debris, not only easy to rub the sealing surface of the solenoid valve, where the installation of the screw solenoid valve, should be sealed packing, wrapped in the pipe threads, do not get into the solenoid valve, so as not to accumulate in the valve, affecting the flow of media.

    When installing the flange solenoid valve, pay attention to the symmetrical and evenly tighten the bolts. Solenoid valve flange and pipe flange parallel, the gap is reasonable, so as not to produce excessive pressure on the solenoid valve, or even cracking. For brittle materials and strength is not high solenoid valve, pay particular attention. Must be welded with the tube solenoid valve, should first spot weld, and then the closing piece will be fully open, and then welded.

Solenoid valve installation precautions.

1, first check whether the solenoid valve is consistent with the selection parameters, such as power supply voltage, medium pressure, differential pressure, etc., especially the power supply, if the wrong, it will burn the coil. Power supply voltage should meet the rated voltage voltage fluctuation range: AC +10% to -15%, DC +10% to -10%, usually the coil assembly should not be disassembled.

2、Before taking over, the pipeline should be flushed to remove the metal powder and sealing material residues, rust and scale in the pipeline. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the media, if the media mixed with dirt, impurities and other obstacles to the normal operation of the solenoid valve, the pipeline should be installed with a filter or screen.

3, the general solenoid valve solenoid coil parts should be vertical up, installed vertically in the ground level of the pipeline, if space constraints or working conditions must be installed according to the side, need to be proposed in the selection of the order. Otherwise, the solenoid valve may not work properly.

4, before and after the solenoid valve should be added to the manual shut-off valve, and should be set up bypass, easy to maintain the solenoid valve in case of failure.

5, the solenoid valve is generally directional, can not be installed in the opposite direction, usually in the valve body with → pointed out the direction of media flow, installation in accordance with the direction indicated by →. However, in the vacuum pipeline or special circumstances can be installed in reverse.

6, if the medium will start the water hammer phenomenon, then you should use the solenoid valve with water hammer function or take appropriate precautions.

7, try not to let the solenoid valve for a long time in the energized state, which is likely to reduce the coil life or even burn the coil, that is, normally open, normally closed solenoid valve can not be used interchangeably.

8, steam solenoid valve inlet side should be equipped with a trap, the receiver should be inclined.

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