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At the present, the most of drinking straws on the market are made of plastic, which will release harmful substances when exposed to high temperature, affecting human health. At the same time plastic straws are generally disposable, and will pollute the environment after being discarded. After that, the new type of straw tend to the market. So what is the new type of straw? Actually it is paper straw because of its green environmental protection. In the United States alone, people lose 500 million straws per day according to ‘One Less Straw’, these plastic straws together can circle the earth two and a half times. In addition, Compared with traditional plastic straws, the cost of paper straws is a little higher, so it will take time to popularize the market, but as insider I believe that it will be widely used in the future across the world. After all, from the point of view of environmental protection, the paper straws are much better than traditional plastic straws. Well, will you see any advantages from paper straw making machine, paper straw forming equipment? Now let us have a read about comparing between paper straw makers and plastic straw making machine during packaging machine industry.

Paper straw making machine and plastic straw makers

Under the new trend of environmental protection, the environmental protection effect of paper straw produced by paper straw equipment is much better than that of plastic straw machine. Nowadays, more paper straws are used overseas, and there are few in China temporarily, but with the social and economic development, paper straws produced by paper straw machines will eventually be the development trend of China. With the improvement of global understanding of environmental protection, we regard saving resources, maintenance and ecological environment protection as our mutual strategic policy. Finally, plastic straw makers gradually would be replaced by paper straw making machine and paper straw packing equipment.

How do paper straw making machines work?

At the present, the paper straw forming equipment on the market mainly includes a cutting mechanism and two rotating rollers set at specific intervals, and a forming rod is arranged between the rotating rollers. When the straw paper strip is wound around the two rotating rollers and finally wound on the forming rod to form a paper tube (paper straw before cutting).

However the diameter of the forming rod is very small, it is easy to be slightly bent or offset due to the winding force of the paper in the process of long-term use, which leads to the paper straw can not be accurately fed into the cutting mechanism to cut off after forming on the forming rod. So the actual use effect of traditional paper straw forming machine is not good to work and can not meet the needs of customers.

The technical problem to be solved by the new paper straw making machine, is to provide a paper straw forming machine with simple structure and reasonable design, which can easily adjust the orientation of the metal forming rod, so as to ensure that the paper straw can be accurately fed into the cutting module to cut off the paper straw by new type of paper straw making equipment.

If you consider to purchase the paper straw making machines with high efficient yield and output of paper straws, then contact us for more technical consultation. We ensure full automatic, servo motor paper straw making machines with PLC control, reducing your maintenance cost.

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