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Paper straws are important products in both developed and developing countries. In recent years, with the rapid development of food service packaging industry, while bringing convenience to people's life, more and more discarded plastic straws and similar products begin to burden the environment, while paper straws gradually show advantages because of their recyclability. In March 2018, Britain and other developed countries issued plastic restrictions to reduce pollution caused by plastics. Subsequently, other developed or developed countries, such as India, South Africa, Thailand and Costa Rica, have taken similar measures to limit the use of plastic straws and promote the importance of paper straws.

Paper straw with long way to go

Paper straw is a kind of environmentally friendly straw, which can be degraded and disappeared in the soil after a few months of use. Geographically, the global paper straw market can be divided into North America, the Asia-Pacific region including Japan, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Customers’ choice of environmentally friendly packaging is the main driving force for the growth of the paper straw market. However, because the cost of paper straw is higher than that of plastic straw, and the price is slightly higher, it may become an obstacle to the development of paper straw’s and paper straws making machine’s market.

Paper straw making machine features

What are the 5 of features of paper straw equipment as a professional equipment for the production of paper straws? Insider will tell you more below,

1. Computer PLC control

Paper straw making machines in the research and development integrated about computer technology, communication technology, microelectronic technology and active control technology, etc. This kind of paper straw equipment with the function about long-distance PLC control has become simplicity, convenience, a wider range of application and stronger reliability.

2. Digital control panel to operation

Digital remote control and multi-point operation panel, a variety of operation and control methods make the paper tube machine more convenient and user-friendly.

3. Actively Cutting and dropping straws

The paper tube mechanical equipment can actively cut and drop the paper tube in the process of paper tube production, and this active function makes the paper tube machine equipment more convenient and quick to use. 

4. Automatic shut down machine when short delivery about paper

On the other hand, the paper straws making machines can stop in time and save energy (to avoid failure) when short delivery about raw materials paper or convey belt work not normal.

5. Variable speed of paper straw equipment

In the normal production process, the output speed of the paper straws is not exactly the same, so the function of the active speed change is particularly important at this time.

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