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We present the best solution to tackle welding projects in which the products to be welded are of very diverse dimensions.

In the case of pallet racks manufacturing, it represents a huge leap in both the ability to create new references, and the speed at which work reference can be changed.

Our solution allows you to configure a new reference in record time. Only choose the beam family and its length, the type of connector and its relative position with the beam. You can also choose the angle of inclination with which both pieces will be welded.

If it is necessary to create new families of beams or types of connectors, they can be loaded into the system using the 3D files in STL for beams or 2D in DXF for connectors.

The software will immediately display all the elements in a 3D environment and simulate the movements of robots and spin tables used.

Once the program is created, it is also possible to edit each point of the trajectory in a very visual and intuitive way from the user interface of the application itself

In addition, if an even more precise adjustment is required, it is also possible to adjust it from the control of each robot and save it for future productions of that same reference.

All customized settings from the Robot or from the computer, are perfectly filed in the management system of the robotic cell.

It is also an easily scalable solution. It can be used with cells with cells from 2 pairs of robots as in the example, even our most complex solutions involving a large number of robotic arms on external axes, rotating tables used and automatic loading and unloading of beams and connectors.

This solution, together with our new options for automatic tool adjustment, and for the location of parts by touch with soldering wire (Touch Sensing), increase system availability to levels never reached before.

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