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Maintenance method of automatic box making machine

With the wide application of the full-automatic box making machine, more and more manual paste boxes have been replaced, which not only brings about a significant increase in production efficiency, but also a qualitative leap in product quality. However, in the actual production process, some incorrect operation will affect the life of the automatic box making machine. The following is to introduce the maintenance method of the automatic box making machine.

Maintenance methods

First, we need to pay attention to reducing the cutter part of the case sealer, and the maintenance of the cutter of the case sealer is very important. In order to reduce the production cost, some manufacturers use those tapes with poor quality, which make the cutter of the case sealer covered with a layer of black residual glue. 

The accumulation of the residual glue for a long time will affect the sharpness of the cutter, and then directly affect the effect of the case sealer to seal the case. In addition, it will accelerate the damage of the cutter and affect the efficiency of the whole production line. In fact, the maintenance of the cutter of the case sealer is relatively simple, as long as the workers carefully wipe the cutter with sodium water or kerosene before starting the case sealer every day. 

Second, keep the machine clean at all times. Use dry cloth and detergent to clean the machine. Especially, the guide rod should not be dusty or dirty to avoid aggravating wear. Do not use solvent such as Tianna water and gasoline to clean to avoid damaging the machine surface, or directly clean the machine with water to avoid rust.

Third, regularly check whether the machine screws are loose, if any, tighten them.

Fourth, cylinder lubrication: each shift shall check whether the oil quantity in the oil cup of the air source processing element is sufficient, if not, please make up in time. When the machine is working, it is advisable to drop a small drop of oil in the oil window once for each case to avoid oil pollution. It is suggested that the lubricating oil should be a special lubricating oil, and no other alternative oil should be added to prevent the air pressure circuit from blocking. Lubrication of guide rod and column group: brush oil to each guide rail once a week with a proper amount of brush, and start the machine to seal the box several times, so that the oil is evenly distributed on the guide rail surface.

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