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New design, installation of the control system, in order to ensure that the control valve can work properly when driving, and make the system safe operation, the new valve before installation, should first check whether the valve on the nameplate markings and design requirements. The following items should also be commissioned.

    Basic error limit; full stroke deviation; return difference; dead zone; leakage (performed when the requirements are strict occasions).

    If the original system in the control valve has been overhauled, in addition to the above items for calibration, should also be the old valve stuffing box and connections and other parts of the sealing inspection.

    Control valves in the field, many often not because of the quality of the control valve itself, but the improper installation and use of control valves, such as the installation environment, improper installation location and direction or pipeline is not clean and other reasons. Therefore, electric regulating valves in the installation and use of the following aspects should be noted.

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    (1) regulating valve belongs to the field instrumentation, requiring the ambient temperature should be in the range of -25 ~ 60 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 95%. If it is installed in the open air or high temperature occasions, waterproofing and cooling measures should be taken. In places where there are sources of vibration should be far away from the source of vibration or increase the anti-vibration measures.

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    (2) regulating valve should generally be installed vertically, under special circumstances can be tilted, such as a large angle of tilt or the valve itself is too heavy on the valve should be increased support parts to protect.

    (3)The installation of control valve pipeline generally should not be too high from the ground or the floor, in the pipeline height greater than 2m should try to set the platform, in order to facilitate the operation of the hand wheel and facilitate maintenance.

    (4) regulating valve installation before the pipeline should be cleaned to exclude dirt and welding slag. After installation, to ensure that no impurities remain in the valve body, the valve should also be cleaned again, that is, when passing into the medium should make all the valves open, so as not to impurities stuck. After using the handwheel mechanism, it should be restored to the original neutral position.

    (5) In order to make the regulating valve in the event of failure or maintenance so that the production process can continue, the regulating valve should be added bypass piping.

    Special attention should also be paid to whether the installation position of the regulating valve meets the requirements of the process.

    (6) The electrical part of the electric control valve should be installed in accordance with the construction requirements of the electrical equipment. Such as explosion-proof products should be installed in accordance with the "Code for the Installation of Electrical Equipment in Explosion Hazardous Locations" requirements. If the site wire is SBH or other six-core or eight-core, the outer diameter is Φ11.3

    mm or so of the rubber skin installation cable line. In the use of maintenance, in explosive places is strictly prohibited to open the cover of the maintenance of electricity and pry the explosion-proof surface. At the same time in the disassembly do not knock or scratch the flameproof surface, after repair to restore the original state of flameproof requirements.

    (7) actuator reducer after disassembly and repair should pay attention to the oil lubrication, low-speed motors generally do not disassemble and refuel. After assembly should also check whether the valve position and valve position opening indication match.

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