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The change of public opinion

Now a small straw has become a necessity in people's daily life. At present, the use of straw is mostly plastic straw, but people gradually realize that the disposable plastic straw will cause a great burden on the environment. In addition to the rapid development of food packaging industry in recent years, the advantages of paper straw are particularly obvious.

Whether it's milk and drinks in supermarkets, or drinks in restaurants and cafes, I don't know when straws have become a standard. As a kind of straw, plastic straw is widely used in food industry because of its low cost and simple technology. At present, most of us use plastic straws in our daily life. Although plastic straws are convenient for people's life, the impact on the environment is incalculable. Only in the United States, people lose 500 million straws every day. According to one less straw, these straws can be connected to make two and a half circles around the earth.

Compared with the plastic straw, the paper straw is made of paper, which is a kind of environmental protection straw. It can be degraded and disappeared in the soil after being used for several months, and will not cause any pollution to the environment, which is more conducive to green and sustainable development. Obviously, it is particularly important to use the paper straw instead of the plastic straw. However, the production process of paper straw is relatively complex, and the cost is high. In order to maximize the benefits, many food businesses are relatively exclusive of paper straw, so it is obviously difficult to replace plastic straw with paper straw.

Future can be expected

In recent years, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, consumers are willing to pay for enterprises with a sense of social responsibility. In addition to the national "plastic restriction order" and the introduction of environmental protection policies, more and more food industry began to taste the paper straw, and the domestic paper straw market also showed a rising trend.

Due to the excessive waste of resources caused by plastic straw, and the increasingly serious environmental pollution after discarding, it is obviously not realistic for people to give up the straw, and the use of paper straw instead of plastic straw will become a possibility. In the future development of food packaging industry, paper straw instead of plastic straw will become an inevitable trend, and the development prospect of paper straw will be in the future.

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