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In recent years, with the improvement of automation of packaging enterprises, more and more manual paste boxes have been replaced by full-automatic box making machines, not only the production efficiency has been greatly improved, but also the product quality has made a qualitative leap. However, in the actual production process, we often find some quality problems, such as carton deformation, wrinkling, blistering, poor adhesion and so on, which lead to high scrap rate and seriously affect the efficiency of the paper box machine factory. Among them, "bubbling" is the most prominent phenomenon, that is, bubbles appear at the bottom of the box and around the box. In this paper, the author takes "bubbling" as an example to analyze and discuss the influencing factors and solutions from the perspective of production.

Solid content of glue

The solid content of glue is too low, and the box is easy to bubble on the second day after completion. This is because there is too much water in the glue, which affects the viscosity of the glue and reduces its viscosity. Therefore, the solid content of glue should be strictly controlled during production, which should generally reach about 55%.

Ambient temperature and humidity

If the workshop temperature is too high and humidity is too high in summer, it will cause the glue's setting speed and drying speed to be too slow, and the box made is easy to bubble. But in the cold winter, due to the low room temperature, there will be a phenomenon that the paper has not been pasted yet, and the glue has coagulated. If the best adhesion period of the glue is missed, it is easy to cause blistering of the box. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature and humidity of the environment. 

Paper surface treatment process

Improper surface treatment of the paper will also cause blistering of the box. If there is a hot stamping process for the face paper, if the pressure is too large during the hot stamping, it will cause the paper at the hot stamping part to be uneven, and the concave part is difficult to reach the glue, and the box will bubble. When the paper needs to be hot stamping, it is necessary to control the hot stamping pressure and temperature to ensure the flatness of the paper.

Of course, there are many factors that affect the blistering of packaging boxes, some of which are unavoidable in the actual production process. With the development of technology, the full-automatic blister pressing machine has a good effect on the blistering of cartons. 

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